Cheapest Online Bachelor’s Degree

Cheapest Online Bachelor's Degree

Here’s a helpful list cheap online bachelor’s degrees programs in 2019 for those wishing to return to study or progress in their career. We did the research and have compiled a list of cheap online bachelor’s degrees programs available in 2019.

Cheap Online Bachelor’s Degree

Studying for a degree online gives you the flexibility to study at a time and place that suits your schedule. Your career and advancement opportunities are greater with a degree under your belt. It will certainly help you to advance your education and jumpstart your career. You can do all this without leaving your day job as you can study when you want, where you want and how you want.

1. University of the People

  • Annual fee: $1,015

University of the People (UoPeople) is an American accredited, tuition-free university. This means that there is no charge for teaching and instruction. Their goal is to make higher education accessible and affordable to all, anytime, anywhere, based on the belief that education is a basic human right.

There is no charge for tuition, annual enrolment or course materials, but to help maintain the university’s high standards, there is a $60 application fee and an assessment fee ($100 for undergrad, and $200 for graduate) per course completed.

If a student is unable to afford these fees, there are scholarships available. UoPeople provides Associate and Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, Computer Science and Health Science. They also provide an MBA and an M.Ed.

2. Arden University – USA and UK

  • Annual Fee: $3,797

Arden University provides fully online learning, face-to-face learning and blended learning degree courses utilizing multi-media and multi-device learning materials in a virtual classroom. The subjects they offer include: Business, Computer Science, Healthcare, Criminology, Psychology, Accounting, IT and Marketing.

In addition to their degree programs they also have a Careers Portal, an online Careers Center that has an interview simulator, CV building and a global jobs search engine. They also provide e-learning resources to teach you essential workplace business skills.

3. Aspen University – USA

  • Annual fee: $4,500

Aspen University offers degree programs in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education and Health Care Administration. Their programs blend traditional learning with innovation by providing students with courses covering both essential topics and cutting edge issues. If you have already taken some college courses, Aspen University allows you to transfer your prior learning credit.

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4. Georgia Southwestern State University, USA

  • Annual fee: $5,970

Georgia Southwestern State University offers 40 bachelor’s degree programs in business administration, education and nursing, computing and mathematics, arts and sciences. One of their more unusual degrees is a BSc in Criminal Justice in order to prepare students for a career in law enforcement, probation and juvenile justice.

5. Open University – UK

  • Annual fee: $7,704

The Open University, UK are specialists in distance learning and provide over 200 courses in a wide selection of subjects. Most bachelor’s degrees can be completed within 3-4 years if studying full-time and 6 years if studying part-time. The courses are specifically designed for busy, working students and give you all the flexibility that you will need to complete your degree.

The Open University also offers an Open degree, in which you can study any subjects you like in any combination, building a qualification that is unique to you. This suits students who are unsure which area they want to specialize in or who want to gain a broad knowledge base before deciding on their career direction.

Wrapping Up

So, if you have decided to get ahead and jumpstart your career this year, take these 3 steps:

  • Decide on the subject that you want to study.
  • Research online schools until you find the most suitable learning solution. Take into account cost, accreditation, learning method, flexibility and reputation.
  • Research scholarships. You may be entitled to a scholarship to help you with the cost of your studies.

Then, go ahead and make your applications. An online degree will allow you to combine your busy schedule with getting ahead in your career. If you want to study but can’t take the time off or make the financial commitment, an accredited online degree will enable you to overcome these barriers to learning and give you a brighter future with the skills, knowledge and confidence to get that dream job.

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