Top Accredited Online Colleges

Top Accredited Online Colleges

When looking for the Top Accredited Online Colleges and universities, it can be all too easy to get lost in a sea of tuition costs, graduation rates and other cold, hard statistics. This page steers future students in a clear, actionable direction by breaking down school features in a comprehensive comparison tool and sharing critical factors to consider during the online college search. Explore our helpful resources and get informed and decisive about online college.

1. Harvard University

Harvard University Online has vast array of learning opportunities for students of all levels, ranging from podcasts and free courses to non-credit certificate programs and graduate degrees. Harvard uses several different technologies and platforms to deliver online education, such as the edX platform, which was collaboratively designed by Harvard and MIT. Online courses may be self-directed or follow a specific time frame, and are offered completely online, or in a hybrid format, such as the master of science degree in health management. Harvard Online also offers free, non-credit versions of several fee-based, for-credit courses, and rest assured, students earning credits online will receive Harvard transcripts.

2. University of Southern California

USC (University of Southern California) Online has a wide variety of graduate level degrees and certificate programs, ranging from traditional programs, such as psychology, engineering and teaching, to less commonly seen programs such as Geospatial Leadership and Geriatric Dentistry. Several programs are offered completely online, while others, such as teaching and social work, will require field work, which can be arranged near the student’s home base, and may also include self-paced coursework and face-to-face classroom time. USC Online has several online programs geared towards military students, including military social work, cyber security and a master’s degree in business for veterans.

3. Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers an incredible 78 online undergraduate degrees as one of our top picks among accredited best online colleges. Among these are degrees in urban planning, sustainability, software engineering, political science, information technology, electrical engineering, engineering management, computer information systems, and biochemistry. ASU offers students one of the most robust online schools in the country, and because of its scope, is one of the top choices for undergraduates looking to top online colleges for alternatives to the traditional on-campus university experience.

4. Drexel University

Drexel University Online has over 100 degree programs, with bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees available in areas such as communication, business and education. Specialty certificate programs are also available online, in over 45 areas of concentration. Discounted tuition for some of Drexel’s online programs may be available to military students, Drexel alumni and through partnerships with specific organizations and employers. Drexel Online students have access to several online resources, including the student library, where students can communicate with library staff via the chat feature, e-mail, phone and skype. Students can check out video content and e-books, and can even have library materials shipped to them.

5. Oregon State University

Oregon State University is our number one option for accredited best online colleges because it had incredible scores in every category. It’s all around the strongest option as long as it has the degree you’re looking for, and the degree selection is very strong among best online schools. Students can major in anthropology, agricultural sciences, economics, environmental economics and policy, computer science, political science, public policy, French, German, and history. Students can also choose between 25 different minors and certificates.

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